About AWOL

I am a young stencil/street artist by the name of AWOL (Artist With Out Limits). I have drawn stencil art for ten years. Ink drawings and tribal designs led me to my interest in stencil art. As a self taught artist I feel I have grown in my skills through observation and study of many great artists. Some of my greatest influences come from stencil artists such as Blek Le Rat, C215, and Banksy. 

My inspiration comes from seeing people of all ages chase their dreams, no matter how big. Their passion and drive reminds me that nothing is impossible... and there are NO LIMITS.


A.rtist W.ith O.ut L.imits

They ask me why I go by AWOL (A.rtist W.ith O.ut L.imits)... It's because I believe my goal is to show people that age is just a number. You're never too old or young to follow your dreams and inspire. There are NO limits. Dream big... No, Bigger!


She began her street art career when she was only 13 years old in 2009, slapping decorated postal stickers on local mailboxes. In 2011, at age 15, she went global with her work, exhibiting work in Australia as a finalist in the stencil art competition. 

AWOL has come a long way from just slapping her name around. She is gaining notoriety world wide. In September of 2012 she painted a mural for EDGE Gallery and the following year flew to Miami to pain in the largest street art festival (Miami Art Basel)


Painted a Mural for EDGE Gallery in Denver.

Collaborated with Rise Up Gallery

First Interview by 2095

First Solo Show at Odyssey Beerwerks in Arvada Colorado.

Finalist in the international Stencil Art Prize

Featured in the Arvada Press

Featured in the Honest Blue Magazine

Painted in Miami Art Basel 2013

Showed in Denver RAW Artists 'PIXELS' 2014 

Interviewed at Denver RAW Art show.

Painted two murals at Pomona High School.

Panther Mural

Book Character Mural

Featured in the Denver Post

Showed in the Blake Street Art Walk

Hired to paint tables for the Rio Grande Mexican Restaurant 

Showcased at Taunaz Tavern Chalk'd art show in Arvada

Showcased in the Denver RAW 'VISIONARY' art show 2015

Photo shoot with Doug Chapin and Justin Hopp (Fermataography videographer) BEHIND THE SCENES INTERVIEW

Showcased at Mirror Image Arts annual "I Got Your Back" fundraiser located at Converge Denver 

Showcased at the 16th Street mall "Meet in the Street" art festival hosted by Denver Made

"Silence of a Screaming Heart" Mural painted at Colorado Crush 2015

Exhibited art in downtown Denver at Epernay Lounge

Painted a mural at Colorado Crush 2016

Featured in Denver Westword


Instagram: @AWOL_Stencils

Twitter: @AWOL_Stencils

Facebook: www.facebook.com/AWOLStencils

Email: [email protected]